The story so far

Picture frames on wall inside Belfry Villa Bed and Breakfast

Originally built in 1910 as a private residence for Mr TE Maunsell, a Solicitor in Carterton, this lovely home has had many changes over the years.

Nurse Strang purchased the residence from the Maunsell family and converted it into a private hospital. Sister McKenzie took over the hospital for surgical & maternity work, then Sister Anne Kelly purchased the property and named the hospital Croydon, after a town in Surrey, England. After World War II Sister Grant bought the hospital however difficulty in obtaining staff meant again the hospital was on the market. In 1952 the Mother Aubert Home Of Compassion Trust Board took over the property.
St Raphael’s Home was a non-denominational home which catered for disabled children from as far away as Auckland and Bluff. In 1990 the Government policy of mainstreaming meant the Home & School be phased out. Part of the property was then converted to a Rest home.

In 2003 we, your hosts Beula & Paul Fouhy, purchased the complex, sold one wing for removal and converted two wings to four town houses which then left the original homestead and hospital wing comprising 700m² of building sitting on an acre of land.

Since 2006 we have slowly brought the home back to its former glory. After countless hours of restoration, beautiful heart rimu has been revealed throughout the renovation, and where possible, timber has been recycled for furniture within the property. Paramount to us was to maintain the original look and feel of this wonderful home.

As the property was not in full use, we decided to convert the final wing into three Bed and Breakfast suites for guests. With the great sweeping veranda and wide hallway it has created a perfect setting for visitors to take pleasure in.

In the front circular lawn a 100+ year old Tulip tree stands in majesty to this wonderful home, and its name “Belfry Villa” is taken literally from the bell positioned on the center of the villa roof.

Original bed and breakfast homestead

Stained glass window from the old church

The bed and breakfast exterior

Bed and breakfast veranda